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About us

SilicoScreen offers expert-based and statistical in-silico tests to predict the results of Biocompatibility and Toxicity tests according to international standards. We use these predictions for generating toxicological risk assessments which are accepted for regulatory submissions.





We help companies and institutes to make the most of the vast database of knowledge available to predict the biological and the chemical behavior of compounds, without the physical requirement of the product itself.

After a long history of using animals for toxicity testing, the industry has put its trust in computational toxicology since it is not only time and cost-effective, but is also accurate, free of human experimental errors. In silico tests are also accepted by major regulatory agencies like the US-FDA, EMA and REACH

Predictions of toxicity and/or metabolic fate of a compound are made, based on their chemical structures Our algorithm for analogue selection and categorization involves a mixture of structural alerts, chemical properties, and experimental datasets . The unique categorization and use of multiple analogues leads to more accurate predictions.

Why in SilicoScreen testing?

There is a long history of using animals or cell lines to test for toxicity. However, In-silico tests come with many advantages.

  • In silico tests are a lot more accurate than lab tests as they are less likely to have experimental errors and are more human-relevant.

  • In silico tests are both time and cost-effective as compared to lab tests

  • In silico tests are accepted by major regulatory agencies and are encouraged as they have been proven to be a more ethical option.


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Mutagenicity Prediction


risk assessment

Read across based prediction

Metabolite profiling/analysis


degradation analysis

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